Logo Challenge Day 26: Paper Airplane

Wait... Didn't I already do this one? Well, this is awkward...

Day 26: Paper Airplane Logo

Way back on Day 12 I took inspiration from a paper airplane for my Airline Logo. Imagine my surprise when I see today's prompt! This is actually an incredible opportunity! I get to look at what I did before with the subject and try something completely different! 

Day 26 - Paper Airplane-01.png

In the Airline challenge I wanted to keep the logo more conservative, and went with a geometric interpretation of a paper airplane, for this challenge I wanted to do something simple and abstract at the same time, playing with negative space.

Day 26 - Paper Airplane-02.png

The logo definitely plays best in color but translates well to greyscale and even single color formats!

Day 26 - Paper Airplane-03.png

This was a great exercise in stretching the brain. There are times in your career when you will see the same request from different clients, and you need to make sure they receive different products. I'm really happy with the way this logo turned out, and may revisit a few of my older logos once the challenge is complete!