Logo Challenge Day 27: Ice Cream

If you're designing a logo for a product that brings people joy, the logo should bring joy too.

Day 27: Ice Cream Logo

Ice Cream can be a weirdly personal thing. Everyone has a favorite flavor, everyone has a favorite Ice Cream Parlor, and everyone has that one ice cream that to them cannot be beaten (for me, that would be Abbot's Pistacio Pineapple Custard. Don't knock it til you've tried it!)

Day 27 - Ice Cream-01.png

I wanted to make sure the logo was fun with a carefree feeling. I thought about incorporating cones and scoops but in the end, landed on sprinkles. Who isn't happy to see sprinkles? Who doesn't like saying the word sprinkles? It's a great word! Sprinkles!

Day 27 - Ice Cream-02.png

The logo is flexible and fun. The posibilities are endless when it comes to stickers and packaging!

Day 27 - Ice Cream-03.png

I greatly enjoyed this prompt. It was fun and silly, and a good challenge to keep this separate from the cupcake logo. I'm thinking about doing a few product mockups in the future for this one!