Logo Challenge Day 12: Airline Logo

Some industries seem to have an overall design aesthetic that everyone sticks to, and when you are creating something for an industry like that, you are faced with a choice to follow the heard or to try something new. Now, my first reaction is to try something new, be different, stand out, but sometimes, there is a reason everyone else has fallen in line.

Day 12: Airline Logo

My first thought was to do something fun, maybe a cute airplane flying through the text to cross the "A", or something similar. But as I looked through current airline logos, I noticed that most of them had the text and a separate logo, or widget, and that they definitely weren't all that playful. There is something to be said for standing out, but there is also an argument for not messing with something that works

Day 12 - Airline-01.png

I decided to look to paper airplanes for inspiration, and to make it a bold symbol instead of something childish. 

Day 12 - Airline-02.png

I did wind up using one of the sample names for this logo (SkyBound, Pioneer, Airtrack), and created a bold, unique typeface with lots of negative space to give the type an airy feel.

Day 12 - Airline-03.png

When designing a logo it's important to not just design for the client, but also to design for the industry. A logo that is tone deaf, or too out of left field simply wont fly. (Sorry for the pun).