Logo Challenge Day 25: Photography Logo

In certain respects, there is no logo more difficult than a logo for art. Art for art. Something about it just seems complicated!

Day 25: Photography Logo

I just recently purchased a camera and began experimenting with photography, and knowing how insanely hard it is, I really wanted to make sure this logo was clean and to the point.

Day 25 - Photography-01.png

I decided to go extremely simple as opposed to extremely unique because this is a field where the work itself does most of the talking. I wanted something that would make a simple watermark on proofs and communicated well.

Day 25 - Photography-02.png

The logo is very flexible making it easy to use. By keeping the logo one color, watermarks are easy to make and printing isn't a finacial burden. 

Day 25 - Photography-03.png

If there are any freelance photographers out there who would like to use this logo, I would like to offer it up free of charge. Feel free to contact me at bailey@wigglecreative.com and we can work together to get your logo all set up! #FreelanceIsntFree.