Logo Challenge Day 36: Record Label

Just because you operate behind the scenes doesn't mean you don't need a fantastic logo!

Day 36: Record Label Logo

We are revisiting Music this week! Way back on Day 9 the prompt was for a "Music Listening App" and now with the record label there is a chance to revisit the subject matter. This is one of the things I really like about this challenge, you are often tasked with coming up with an idea, executing it, then asked to do it again, but completely different

Day 36 - Record Label-01.png

For the last logo I went analog and took inspiration for a cassette tape, for this one I decided to go back even further to vinyl!

Day 36 - Record Label-02.png

The logo is simple but impactful and whether you see a record or an "A", the logo works. I love a logo that can adapt to different situations which this certainly can, changing the width drastically. 

Day 36 - Record Label-03.png

Pretty and simple this logo feels almost calming to me. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.