Logo Challenge Day 35: Dinosaur Amusement Park

How do you create a design for something that already has a logo so iconic it's nearly impossible to compete?

Day 35: Dinosaur Amusement Park Logo

Immediately I wanted to distance the logo from Jurrasic Park as much as possible. That logo is so iconic that anything even remotely similar is going to fall flat.

Day 35 - Dinosaur Park-01.png

I went with one of the suggested names and decided to go simple and bold. 

Day 35 - Dinosaur Park-02.png

Pretty straightforward, and nothing like the Jurrasic Park logo! Just a bold 2 color logo that will look great on merch!

Day 35 - Dinosaur Park-03.png

I would definitely wear the shirt, but I'm not sure I'd actually go to the park... who am I kidding? Of course I would!