Logo Challenge Day 37: News Network

Have you ever noticed that most news channels have similar logos? This is another instance of whether it's better to fit in or stand out.

Day 37: News Network Logo

A logo for a News Network is going to be everywhere, not the least of which is overlayed over broadcasts. I wanted to make sure this was a one color logo, and decided the simpler the better.

Day 37 - News-01.png

I decided to go with one of the suggested names and focus on an actual globe. For me there was one detail I wanted to make sure I got right: the earth spins on an axis that is 23.5 degrees, and that's exactly what we did here!

Day 37 - News-02.png

The over all inspiration is obvious is impactful, without straying too far from the norm of the industry.

Day 37 - News-03.png

This logo is readable and flexible, making it perfect for tv!