Logo Challenge Day 42: Postal Service

When your doorbell rings are you hoping it's a friend or the mailman with a package? Mailman, obviously.

Day 42: Postal Service Logo

Mail is something that has a lot of iconographies: envelopes, mailboxes, mailbox flags, stamps... But when approaching this logo I wanted to go with one of the less obvious elements: the wavey lines that tell you the letter went through the mail sorter.

Day 42 - Postal Service-01.png

This detail is recognizable without trying too hard, and in this case, I really wanted to avoid the obvious elements. 

Day 42 - Postal Service-02.png

This logo also gives the feeling of movement, a design component I like to incorporate as much as possible. It's an easy way for your audience to read something extra in a logo, even if they're not aware of it. it "moves" them so to speak.

Day 42 - Postal Service-03.png

For something as important as the mail it was important to create something simple and readable, and this logo achieves that.