Logo Challenge Day 43: Architect

When building a house you start with the foundation, when building a brand you start with the logo.

Day 43: Architect Logo

I love architecture and really wanted to try something fun for this logo. I decided to dip my toe into the "trend pool" and focused on using negative space to create this logo.

Day 43 - Architect-01.png

Of all the current design trends, I'd say that negative space may be the least "trendy". Companies like FedEx have been using negative space design for years, so even though it's very trendy at the moment, I still see it as evergreen

Day 43 - Architect-02.png

Originally I left the negative space completely blank, with just the roof outline, but the logo felt very imbalanced too heavy on the right side which is when I decided to add the window. From there I thought it might make for a great secondary logo.

Day 43 - Architect-03.png

This one took me quite some time before I decided ton the final design, but good things take time.