Logo Challenge Day 41: Dating App

Many people have favorite apps or apps that they can't live without, but maybe the most important for many people is the app that could find you love.

Day 41: Dating App Logo

I think online dating is an amazing innovation, and love hearing success stories from people who found their partner through modern means. When approaching this logo I didn't want to go too obvious and chose to shelve traditional symbols of love and dating like hearts.

Day 41- Dating App-01.png

I used one of the suggested names and focused on creating a simple logo with a more subtle symbolism. This way the app can be used however the user sees fit, we're not saying "this is for love" or "this is for dates", we're just saying this is a way for people to meet.

Day 41- Dating App-02.png

The logo is simple but impactful enough that you'll recognize the app in your phone quickly without having to search.

Day 41- Dating App-03.png

The world of love and dating is evolving as we evolve, and it's important that this new technology has a brand that is easy to embrase.