Logo Challenge Day 44: Food Truck

A good logo should make people feel something. In this case, it should make them hungry!

Day 44: Food Truck Logo

Here in Pittsburgh, Food Trucks are everywhere! We have everything from a lobster truck to a truck that serves the tiniest, most adorable donuts you'll ever see, and I love them all.

Day 44 - Food Truck-01.png

This logo definitely had a few false starts, with previous drafts just not hitting the make quite right. I decided to use one of the suggested names, but wanted to stay away from burgers, because we already did a burger logo, so finally I decided on my favorite of all tube meats: Hot dogs.

Day 44 - Food Truck-02.png

The design I finally decided on is very readable and fun, with a bit of old school flare. Possibly the biggest challenge was finding the right font to create the ketchup effect.

Day 44 - Food Truck-03.png

This is one of favorite in the challenge, it makes me smile, and definitely makes me want a hot dog!