Logo Challenge Day 45: Construction

Building a logo for those who build everything else.

Day 45: Construction Logo

I was excited to see this prompt so soon after the Architecture prompt from Day 43. In that logo I explored the planning side of buildings, and here I get to explore the labor side.

Day 45 - Construction-01.png

The idea for this logo came pretty quickly for me. A construction cone is one of the more recognizable symbols in construction, and how many times have you seen someone put one of those cones on their head and pretend to be Harry Potter? No? Just me? That's cool.

Day 45 - Construction-02.png

I wanted to keep this logo monochrome to make it more flexible and less expensive to create uniforms and other print work. Plus I don't think adding another color is necessary here.

Day 45 - Construction-03.png

I love the double meaning in this logo. It is fun and silly without losing any of the meaning.