Logo Challenge Day 34: Social Media

Most of my career I've designed on a smaller scale. Local businesses, weddings, personal logo, etc. But how do you design something you want every last person to see and make sure everyone gets it?

Day 34: Social Media Platform Logo

I started by sorta going with one of the suggested names (Cha-t, Bounce, Woven) because I immediately saw at symbols. Now-a-days everything is symbols, especially when it comes to social media, and it seems obvious to me to capitolize on that understanding.

Day 34 - Social Media App-01.png

I considered not adding the "T" at the end but was concerned that people may think the company is "cha" the say everyone in That Thing You Do  thought the band the "oneders" was pronounced the "O-nee-ders", not the "wonders". Always assume your audience needs to be told, it will save you so much heartache in the long term.

Day 34 - Social Media App-02.png

The "at symbol" condenses down really nicely for use in icons and as a stand-alone logo. I went with an unconventional version of the symbol to stand apart, but to keep the contenuity. 

Day 34 - Social Media App-03.png

I'm not sure what the app does exactly, but I do believe it look quite nice!