Logo Challenge Day 40: Camera App

It's still amazing to me that we all have incredible cameras on us at all times.

Day 40: Camera App Logo

A lot of people just use the default camera app on their phone, heck, I do most of the time just because I can put it in the control center. I wanted to create a really cool looking app here, because sometimes the best way to get someone to use your product is to make it look cooler than the easiest option.

Day 40 - Camera App-01.png

I used one of the suggested names and focused in on an iconic part of a camera: the shutter. There are a lot of camera logos out there that rely on this sort of imagery of the shutter, so initially I was hesitant to use it, but then I realized it's a challenge to use the obvious in a way that isn't obvious.

Day 40 - Camera App-02.png

I merged the shutter and the letter "Q" to create a unique and readable logo that translates very well to the app modle.

Day 40 - Camera App-03.png

The logo is readable when small and full of detail when large. I think this logo is the intersection between simple and complex.