Logo Challenge Day 17: Geometric Logo

This logo went through many many drafts before I settled on a design. Often times a project with very little information takes the most time.

Day 17: Geometric Logo

Geometric logos are everywhere now a days, and I can see why. Geometry is everywhere, even in nature, and sometimes something familiar works wonders on the brain.

Day 17 - Geometry-01.png

First I started with sacred geometry, but thought it might be too busy, then decided to do a take on my own Wiggle Creative Squirrelalope logo, but felt like that was cheating. In the end I decided to keep it simple, and apply one of my favorite design pricipals: motion.

As I've been doing this challenge, I've realized myself using the word "motion" a lot. I've always been impressed by still art that portrays movement where there is none, whether it's a sculpture, a painting, or a simple, black and white line logo. I feel like it adds an invisible dimension to a design which is simply inherant. 

Day 17 - Geometry-03.png

This one was definitely interesting, and really goes to show that often times, simple really is best.