Logo Challenge Day 18: Cupcake Logo

Who doesn't love cupcakes?? There was even a time in my life where I wanted to make cupcakes for a living, now I design them.

Day 18: Cupcake Logo

This was one of those concepts that just seemed obvious from the jump what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to use a cursive typeface and integrate the frosting of the cupcake that way. The biggest challenge here was finding the right font. Originally I had planned to use the ending "swoop" of the "D" to connect the frosting, but once I landed on this font, the "F" was just too perfect!

Day 18 - Cupcake-01.png

I'm usually very weary of using script fonts because the readability is lower than a type font, so I wanted to make sure that the frosting aspect wasn't 100% reliant on the script font and could stand on its own.

Day 18 - Cupcake-02.png

The secondary logo introduces a whole other realm of possibilities! You could use the cupcake on it's own, you could put the type underneath really small... Having 2 related but different logos is not a bad thing as long as the common thread is obvious enough to you audience, and I believe that's what we have here.

Day 18 - Cupcake-03.png

In the end, a logo for a cupcake shop should make you happy, and tell you exactly what it is. This logo communicates the business and definitely does the job of making me smile.