Logo Challenge Day 16: Fox Logo

Who doesn't love a good animal logo?

Day 16: Fox Logo

I love creating animal logos and a fox is one I had yet to tackle until this prompt. Right out of the gate I knew I wanted to make the logo one color. With something like this there is a lot of temptation to do full color, or use gradients or low poly, but sometimes those styles are hard to translate to one or two color designs, and personally, that's a large focus for me.

Day 16 - Fox -01.png

A complicated, intricate logo can at times get overwhelmed by the other content of design pieces. If your logo has too much going on, you cant really take the rest of the design as far as it needs to go. Plus I like to give my clients the option to spend less money on future print pieces like shirts which charge by the number of colors.

Day 16 - Fox -02.png

I usually think for a while and do research before I even create a new document, but here I knew what I wanted to do right away. I love the style of negative space, though the negative space here doesn't provide any additional elements (eg. the arrow in the FEDEX logo), it does create an interesting visual. 

Day 16 - Fox -03.png

I really enjoyed this challenge, and I'm very happy with the final result!