Logo Challenge Day 13: Barber Shop

For me, very rarely is my first design the right one. Usually I throw something together to get my brain working, and wind up with something completely different in the end. However, sometimes, the gut reaction is there for a reason.

Day 13: Barber Shop Logo

When I saw this prompt I immediately thought of the iconic barber's pole. I mocked up a simple pole, stared at it, and worried it was too obvious. I thought about combs and scissors and razors and in the end, it all seemed obvious. So why not embrace it?  

Day 13 - Barber-01.png

The logo is immediately readable, while still being clean and current. while this logo does employ the line art design trend of the moment, I think the fact that the subject essentially is and has always been line art in a way, gives the logo longevity outside of the trend.

Day 13 - Barber-02.png

Designing for an industry with such ingrained iconography can be difficult if you're trying to stand out. You may want to ditch it all, but there is something to be said for creating a logo that answers a customers question of "what is this business" immediately.

Day 13 - Barber-03.png

It's funny to design around your first idea only to come back to it in the end. Sometimes you get it right the first time.