Logo Challenge Day 14: Cloud Computing Logo

There is nothing worse than having an idea, then realizing that not only has it been done before, it's been done over and over and over and over...

Day 14: Cloud Computing Logo

I immediately knew this one was going to be a problem. In the age of cloud computing and cloud storage, is it possible to create a unique cloud logo? In my opinion, probably not. Right away I knew I wanted to stay away from actual clouds (though I did wind up doing a few drafts after I got stuck for the hundredth time...).

Day 14 - Cloud Storage-01.png

Honestly, I don't think I could accurately account how this logo happened. At first, it was just one lightning bolt, then I had 2 mirrored, then I saw the arrow in the negative, then I wanted the arrow to be prominent and the lightning to be in negative. At one point I even tried to incorporate the "N"

Day 14 - Cloud Storage-02.png

This was sort of the opposite of last week. In Week 13 (Barber Shop Logo), I decided to embrace the obvious with the barber's pole, and this week I wanted to avoid it. I think the main difference here is the size of the company. Sure there are barbershop chains, but that's nothing like a computing company who is competing with the likes of IBM and Amazon. 

Day 14 - Cloud Storage-03.png

This one definitely had me stumped, but I'm pretty stoked with how it came out!