Logo Challenge Day 10: Flame Logo

Sometimes in design, the biggest challenge is making sure you're not copying someone else, even accidentally. We recently got a Whalburgers here in Pittsburgh, and I'm really struck by how similar their logo is to Wegmans. They are almost identical! Clearly, the companies are fine with the similarity, but it's not a great thing that whenever I see the Whalburgers logo I'm thinking about Wegmans... Today's challenge definitely tested this.

Day 10: Flame Logo

There are a few famous flame logos out there, possibly the most prominent being Tinder. So when I got started I wanted to make sure not to go anywhere near that design style. Instead I opted for something with a lot on dimension and focused less on the flame itself.

Day 10 - Flame-01.png
Day 10 - Flame-02.png

I decided to use one of the suggested names this time (Sizzle, Liight or Light, Flint & Flame) because usually when you're creating a logo, you don't also get to come up with the name... 

I started with a more abstract ribbon shape, then reworked it until I got the final flame shape that I ultimately decided on.

Day 10 - Flame-03.png

This logo is definitely more trendy than I usually like to go, but thing are trends for a reason, and it's always worth it to try your hand at the new style. I think this logo would look great as an app, or something technology based.

Day 10 - Flame-04.png

This challenge made me nervous up top, but I'm really happy with what I ultimately ended up with, and it definitely doesn't look like Tinders logo, thats for sure.