Logo Challenge Day 11: Daily Logo Challenge Logo

As a designer, every once in a while you'll think you have a great idea, you'll be almost done with your design and realize that there is a way better idea. There's a moment when you try to convince yourself that your first idea is still great, and that the new one isn't that much better, but eventually you scrap your first design and start over.

Day 11: Daily Logo Challenge Logo

My first thought was to do a logo involving a calendar, but I just felt it was too stagnant. Then I considered a sunrise but had trouble getting passed just a circle. Then it hit me: an alarm clock.

Day 11 - Daily Logo Challenge-01.png

I started with a clock that was cool and dynamic with an inner and outer circle crossing with the hands of the clock, but the more I stared at it, the more I started to see the letters, and once I saw it, I knew I had to scrap my first design. I was a little unsure when I started, but I knew that if I could make it work, it would be fantastic. I'm really happy that I stuck to my guns on this one and took it as far as I could.

Day 11 - Daily Logo Challenge-02.png

The logo is still very readable as a clock, and it's possible that someone might not catch the letters, it's subtle, but impactful, and I'm really happy with the end result.

Day 11 - Daily Logo Challenge-03.png

This logo when through so many versions in my head before I even opened Illustrator. In the end, I had to trash a perfectly good design, but it was so I could get to something better. You don't have to get there on the first try, but you can't let something good keep you from making something great.