Logo Challenge Day 9: Music Listening Startup

"Startup" has become a weird word in recent years, mostly because it's hard to define. When does a startup stop being a startup? Are all businesses startups in the beginning? All I know is, a first impression is extremely important, and a good, clean logo is a great way to make a good first impression.

Day 9: Music Listening Startup

With so many music apps out there I wanted to make sure I did something different. I decided I wanted to stay away from signal icons, sound waves, and music notes all together. The name suggestion were all great (Beat, Pitch, Bass), but for some reason I got it in my head that, for a music listening service, a one syllable name just didn't sound right ("What music app do you use?" "Bass"), so I wanted something with a little more of a... musical tone to it. I decided on "Cassette", and from there, everything else just came together.

Day 9 - Music App-01.png

I know, I know, careful using retro technology, the kids don't know what that is! But really, why do they need to know what a Cassette was? All they need to know is what Cassette is now. 

Day 9 - Music App-02.png

I love a single color logo. It's simple, clean, versatile, and can easily adapt to trends. Gradients aren't in anymore? Cool, we'll just change the background, no need to mess with the logo.

Day 9 - Music App-03.png

I really thought this one was going to give me a little more trouble than it did. I'm super happy with the way it turned out!