Logo Challenge Day 8: Ski Mountain Logo

Over a week in and I am loving this challenge! I really feel like I'm becoming more familiar with my programs and my own abilities.

Day 8: Ski Mountain Logo

I was super excited by this prompt. I grew up skiing and always enjoyed the culture of it. Originally I planned to use one of the suggested name (Brass Peak, Mount Blanco, Traverse, Snowdrop) but found I was coming up with really generic ideas. Mountain logos with skis, polls, snowflakes, mountains... it's all been done. Then a remembered a truly wonderful film: 2001s Out Cold in which a bunch of ski and snowboard hooligans fight to save Bull Mountain

Day 8 - Ski Mountain-01.png

After a few bull mockups, I decided on a steer skull with ski shaped horns. I usually go for a conservative font in logos to avoid getting trapped in ever-changing typography trends but thought this might be a good place to take a gamble and go with something a little funky. I wanted to add one more "ski element" to the design and decided to add the circle, square, and diamond that indicate the difficulty of a trail.

Day 8 - Ski Mountain-05.png

I definitely had fun with this one and would like to come back to it and make a tshirt and a brochure so I can fit in the quote from the late great Papa Muntz in the Zach Galifianakis classic Out Cold, "Don't go changin'".

Day 8 - Ski Mountain-06.png

I really enjoyed using a movie for the inspiration. Sometimes having a little backstory helps! Can't wait to see what challenges tomorrow brings!