Logo Challenge Day 19: Kangaroo

As I wrote in the Fox Logo entry, I love creating animal logos! Reference points are everywhere and there are seemingly endless possibilities for creation.

Day 19: Kangaroo Logo

It's funny that the fox logo gave me no trouble, I could see the animal in my mind, I knew exactly how it moved, but a Kangaroo? I have very few touchstones. I've seen them in zoos, photos, and videos, but only sparingly, so I wanted to make sure I did my research before I took a swing at this. 

Day 19 - Kangaroo-01.png

At first, I considered going a simple silhouette and being on my way, but as I was putting it together, it felt too stale. Watching videos of them move I knew I wanted the Kangaroo to feel like it was moving, not just standing still, and as we all know by this point, I love a logo with some motion!

I began by sketching Kangaroos until I felt I understood the general shape, then broke it down to the bare minimum features: the stable tail, the powerful legs, the perched arms and the deer-like head. Four swoops later and I had my logo.

Day 19 - Kangaroo-03.png

I had great fun putting this logo together, and I'm glad I pushed past the easy answer. Would it have worked? Sure, but I am doing this challenge to stretch the bounds of what I've done in the past, and I am really starting to notice the rewards.