Logo Challenge Day 33: Burger Joint

A logo is the first impression you give to a potential customer. What do you want them to feel when they see it? Happy? Inspired? In this case, it's hungry!

Day 33: Burger Joint Logo

I started with one of the suggested names (Big Buns, One Burger, Fries & Guys) and set off to work on making a delicious logo.

Day 33 - Burger-01.png

Initially, I wanted to stay away from the actual burger, worrying it might be too obvious, but as I brainstormed it just felt right. I wound up creating a main logo with the restaurant name between the buns and a secondary logo with the full burger.

Day 33 - Burger-02.png

This logo is super flexible and is easily translated. I can definitely picture this logo translating to menu items and merchandise. I may do a menu mockup in the future!

Day 33 - Burger-03.png

Now I'm hungry...