Logo Challenge Day 30: Sneakers

When a logo to translate to more than just marketing material, you need to think a little harder.

Day 30: Sneaker Company Logo

For most companies, you need to worry about what their logo will look like on advertisements, business cards, billboards, and so on. For this prompt, you also need to worry about what the logo will look like on a pair of shoes...

Day 30 - Sneakers-01.png

When you look at the most prominent athletic shoe brands it's clear that an effective logo is one color, has movement, and looks good at multiple scales.

Day 30 - Sneakers-02.png

I definitely recognize the dilemma of the 3 stripes as it relates to Adidas, but the fact that the logo is, in fact, an "S" turned on its side does make me feel like it is distinct enough to hold its own.

Day 30 - Sneakers-03.png

In designing any logo, the competition is always a consideration. When your competition is the likes of Nike and Puma it can get a little intimidating, but if you keep it simple, you're bound to find the right logo.