Logo Challenge Day 29: Ride Share

5 years ago if I needed to get somewhere I would call a cab then inevitably get into a cab that, not only is not my cab, but is an "independent cab" who insisted he was my cab, and that's not really ok. Now I just pull out my phone and I'm home safe.

Day 29: Ride Share logo

This prompt was particularly interesting or me because of how often I use ride sharing apps and how important I think available transportation is. 

Day 29 - Ride Share-01.png

With Uber and Lyft dominating the market I wanted a logo that would evoke the idea of a cab to quickly communicate to users what the purpose of the app is. I ended up drawing on the checkers found on classic taxis.

Day 29 - Ride Share-02.png

Another important element here is what the app looks like on a phone. You can't have a complex. multicolor logo stuffed into an app icon, it always looks crowded, so for me, one color is always the way to go.

Day 29 - Ride Share-04.png

This challenge was similar to Music Listening App from Day 9. The logo needed to be simple for the app, but recognizable for it's utility. 

Day 29 - Ride Share-03.png

Breaking into a trending market is extremely hard, and one of the ways an entrepreneur can break through the noise is with great branding!