Logo Challenge Day 31: Lighthouse

There will be times that no matter what a company does, there are specific symbols that must be included in a logo. A metaphor can be designed.

Day 31: Lighthouse logo

Symbols and Metaphors are a common inspiration for companies so why wouldn't they be involved in company logos? I don't think there are many actual lighthouse companies out there looking for beautiful logos, but I can certainly see many companies who want to evoke the imperative and peaceful service they provide.

I used one of the recommended names (Beacon, Fog Inc, Beam & Bow) and imagined this was a home security company. I stayed as far from nautical as I could and focused on the most functional portion of a lighthouse. 

Day 31 - Lighthouse-01.png

Once I got to my final design I had initially focused on the square logo (featured below), but I realized that stretching the logo to a tall rectangle (featured above), I could feature the imposing size and power of a lighthouse. The logo certainly works as a square, but I really love the tall version.

Day 30 - Sneakers-02.png

I tried to create shape in this logo while keeping it a strong, impactful, single color logo.

Day 31 - lighthouse-03.png

I'm very happy with the overall effect of this logo and think it can be flexible and recognizable at the same time.