Logo Challenge Day 28: Trendy Clothing Line

I generally try not to go too trendy, but what happens if that's the point?

Day 28: Trendy Clothing Line Logo

This prompt was so interesting! By calling for a trendy logo, a designers brain can be opened to influence without the need to think "evergreen". I was surprised how freeing this challenge wound up being. I didn't have to think longevity, I only had to think about what's popular right now! 

Day 28 - Trendy Clothing-02.png

To start, I went with one of the suggested names (Vault, Cloth, Plain Threads), and focused on two specific design trends: Typography and Hidden Meaning. Logos involving Typography are at a high in 2018, especially if it's not just words, so when I realized I could create a face from the word, I knew exactly to procede. 

Day 28 - Trendy Clothing TAG.png

From the first idea, other trends became incorporated, like line art and super thin fonts. The result is a trendy logo which feels fun and effortless. The last thing I wanted to do here was fall into too many trends and wind up with something overwrought and complicated.

Day 28 - Trendy Clothing-03.png

This was really interesting to do something I usually stay away from. Trends are trends for a reason, and the most important thing is to make sure you're not going so deep that there is no coming back.