Logo Challenge Day 24: Bike Logo

You know your industry has an image problem when it automatically gets labeled "hipster", even by the creators of a logo challenge... 

Day 24: Bike Shop Logo

Not all people who own bikes or work with bikes are hipsters. Rationally we all know this is true, but with the growing demand for bike lanes and respect from other motorists, the divide between bike people and non-bike people has gotten a bit out of hand. So when approaching this logo I wanted to keep it simple, appeal to the "hipster" audience, while not cornering myself in those trends.

Day 24 - Bike-01.png

I wanted to focus on the bike chain specifically and after creating the shape I saw the bandit mase and thought "why not?", and thus we get "Bandit Bikes".

Day 24 - Bike-02.png

The typeface I chose for "bikes" is definitely a trendier look, but it's simple enough to be evergreen, which I think bridges the gap.

Day 24 - Bike-03.png

This one was really fun! I love it when an idea finds you while you're on your way to something else.