Logo Challenge Day 23: Boat Logo

I have been so impressed with this challenge so far. I find myself not wanting to repeat techniques and pushing myself to try something new.

Day 23: Boat Logo

I am a person who loves boats. I grew up in the Finger Lakes with a Boston Whaler from the 70s, I learned to sail at summer camp, and I've been canoeing for longer than can remember, so I was pretty excited about this prompt. After realizing I was over thinking it, I decided to go with one of the suggested names and design the logo around the most iconic boat shape: The Sail Boat.

Day 23 - Boat Logo-01.png

I wanted to apply some geometry to this logo, and after playing with triangles over and over again, I decided I wanted this logo to consist of one line. Sailing is such a journey, that this logo really spoke to me. 

Day 23 - Boat Logo-02.png

I really like that the logo and be stretched to fit the logo space given. It is easily packaged in a square or circle and can stretch as horizontal as need be while still being able to be compact.

Day 23 - Boat Logo-03.png

The last images I put in these entries is usually for aesthetic purposes in posting, but when I was creating this one and decided to use a gradient in the logo, it became sort of magical, conveying direction so simply. I really enjoyed this challenge.