Logo Challenge Day 22: City Logo

A city is not something most think of as something to be "branded", but recently we've seen more and more cities creating logos and branding for themselves. Cities find themselves advertising to tourists and students as well as competing with other cities for the attention of huge companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple. Having a logo can make this easier.

Day 22: City Logo

I was super excited by this prompt. I had been thinking for a while that I might want to start a "design city", basically a fake city for the purpose of stretching my design skills, then this challenge came along and I decided to do this first! So when this prompt came it, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, completing today's challenge and start my design city: Squirlington.

Day 22 - City Logo-01.png

When naming my city I decided to keep it on brand with the Squirrel. My logo is a Squirrelalope (whatever that is) so I might as well keep it going! I didn't want to just go will a full squirrel, but I definitely wanted to use the tail. Once I'd messed around a bit I realized that the shape was similar to a destination marker, and I knew exactly where this was going!

Day 22 - City Logo-02.png

By combining the squirrel with a symbol of travel I ended up with a logo I'm really proud of. It's simple and fun! 

Day 22 - City Logo-03.png

This got me really excited about my design city again! I've been loving this challenge so much I'm glad to know there's something I can do after it ends!