Logo Challenge Day 21: Granola

When designing a logo, do you need to decide on your audience, or are those decisions made in the branding?

Day 21: Granola Logo

This prompt came with an extra challenge, asking to define your audience.

"Will your brand be designed for hikers, soccer moms, or businessmen skipping lunch? When concepting think about who will use (or eat) your product. Design the logo so they recognize that the product is for them after a quick glance."

Is the logo where you should decide on your audience? Or is this something that that falls to branding? I'm gonna go with both.

Day 20 - National Park-01.png

For the logo I went text-based, keeping it simple, and adding a small design detail with the leaf. Then in the branding portion I decided to go with brightly colored badges that would be eye-catching and easily understood.

Day 21 - Granola-02.png

I would like to possibly take a stab at some product mockups for this one in the future.

Day 21 - Granola-03.png

Some times it best just to keep it simple.