Logo Challenge Day 4: Single Letter Logo

After the struggle I had with day 3, I was delighted to see the day 4 prompt! I've always liked letter logos. You start off with something that is defined, the letter is either upper case or lower case, it's either print or script. I know there are a million font's out there (trust me, I have too many), but no matter what, it still needs to be that letter.

Day 4: Single Letter Logo

I went for the W for a few reasons, the first (and most obvious) is that it means something to me; it's the first letter of my maiden name, and it's the first letter of my company name. Secondly, I just really like the letter... it has motion, and that's what I wanted to play with.

Day 4 - Single Letter-03.png

I wound up creating a ribbon-like logo, using the motion of the letter itself to wrap around. I wanted the logo to feel like it was layered, but also feel like one piece.

While I designed the logo in color and used gradient, I'm a strong believer that every logo needs to shine in black and white, and in single color. I created a few different versions of the logo in order to show the diversity and flexibility of the shape, and how removing the color and gradient, wouldn't remove the impact.

Day 4 - Single Letter-01.png

After Having so much fun with my "W", I wanted to apply the same concept to another letter, just to see what could be made of it. I landed on "A", the first letter of the alphabet and the first letter of my married name. 

Day 4 - Single Letter-02.png

an "A" simply doesn't have the movement that a "W" does, so I extended the cross outward to give a similar effect.

Day 4 - Single Letter-04.png

I'd like to revisit this challenge in the future and tackle the dreaded "B". I have always hated "B". It's the first letter of my name and I've just never been able to get it right. for some reason I'm never satisfied with the way it looks. But that's a challenge for another day.