Logo Challenge Day 3: Panda

After day one and two I couldn't wait to see my next prompt, but when in came in, I froze. Panda Logo? Usually I'm all for animals, the reference points are straight forward and easy to gather info for, but for some reason I was at a bit of a loss on this one (the exact opposite feeling from day two.

Day 3: Panda

I definitely had trouble with this one, and for this prompt, I started with the obvious: the black spots on a panda's face. Recognizable and readable, but definitely expected. Instead of having the panda be everything, I decided to make the shape everything, going with a tear-drop-like shape, and expanding it to all aspects of the design, including the font.

Day 3 - Panda-01.png

For the name, I took inspiration from on of the name ideas (Panda Global, Bamboo, Endangered Panda Conservation) and went with "Endangered" using the tear-drop shape to create the letters, however, I felt the "e" had too much going on when it appeared in the word 3 times, so I wound up embracing the "fewer vowels the better" trend (a trend I do not love) and wound up removing 2 of them, making the company name "ndangerd" and creating a more streamlined appearance. 

Day 3 - Panda-03.png
Day 3 - Panda-04.png

At first I did worry that the panda "face" of the logo was a little too skull-like, but as I thought about the concept more, a skull makes a sort of morbid sense for a non-profit attempting to save pandas from extinction. The double reading of the logo does work. 

Day 3 - Panda-02.png

I'm hoping to revisit this prompt in the future and give it a little more polish, but for now, I'm not unhappy with the finished result.