Logo Challenge Day 50: Arcade

It's over! 

Day 50: Arcade Logo

This is sort of a funny follow up to yesterday's logo. I mentioned in that entry that I worked at a children's museum that housed the National Toy Hall of Fame. As it turns out, that museum also houses a on of the most complete collections of playable, vintage arcade games in the contry.

Day 50 - Arcade-01.png

For this logo, I wanted to draw on vintage arcade, that outrun esthetic of the 1980s. Think Tron and Bladerunner! Though this may seem like a trend, the subject matter and inherant hestalgia of the product makes it evergreen!

Day 50 - Arcade-02.png

I really like this logo, and I'm glad that it works in a single color version for use on merchandise and tickets. 

Day 50 - Arcade-03.png

This is it! The challenge is over! Stay tuned for what I'm doing next!