Logo Challenge Day 6: Coffee Shop

Sometimes a client asks for something that seems so simple, like a business card, and just tell you to "go for it". These broad strokes have always been a little difficult for me, with too many ideas going on at once, with not enough information. So when today's prompt came in, it seemed at first to be one of the simplest I've seen so far, but the broad implication of it, gave me a bit of trouble.

Day 6: Coffee Shop Logo

I immediately had a ton of ideas... too many ideas. I had some trouble parsing through them all. I also had through answering the basic question of what kind of coffee show I was designing for. Is this a chain? Is this a one store operation? Is it an instagram coffee shop with fancy foam? At one point I thought maybe it was a cat cafe (may still explore this one in the future).

Day 6 - Coffee Shop-01.png


Ultimately I decided this coffee shop is a small outfit with one or two stores that does fancy foam on lattes but will also let you take a single shot of espresso to go in a tiny paper cup. Am I overthinking this? Yes. Yes I am.

Day 6 - Coffee Shop-03.png

I played around a lot with coffee beans, but eventually settled on the most simple iconography I could think of: just a cup of coffee. It wasn't until after I made the cup logo that I landed on the idea to make the cup a "C". Once I had that revelation, I realized that it's actually 2 "C"s, and that the name should be 2 words both beginning with "C". I really worked backwards on this one.

Day 6 - Coffee Shop-02.png

After some font manipulation to make the "C" shape the same as in the logo, I was pretty muck done. This one gave me more trouble than expected, but I'm definitely happy witht he the final result.

Day 6 - Coffee Shop-04.png

I think this a prompt I will return to. I'd like to revisit it as a national chain coffee shop, or a cat cafe. There are so many possibilities!