Logo Challenge Day 2: Hot Air Balloon

Day 2 of the Daily Logo Challenge and I couldn't wait to get started with this prompt! So many times in my career, a project has come in and my brain feels like a Westworld host after someone says "freeze all motor functions". Nothing happens. I stare at an open Illustrator artboard for 10 minutes and... nothing happens. I look through inspiration... nothing happens. I'm just stuck. We've all had this happen to us. So when I get a project that has an immediate spark, I get really excited!

Day 2: Hot Air Balloon

For this prompt, I don't think I even looked at the suggested names (Lift, Crown, Whoosh). I knew the name was going to be "Float". Aside from being relevant to the subject matter, the lowercase word gave me the exact set up I wanted: A word with multiple "tall" letters, and one "o". 

Day 2 - Air Balloon-01.png

The font that I used here "Burne Book", has a perfectly round "o", exactly what I was looking for. I did modify the font slightly, as the "t" was actually shorter the the "f" and "l", so I expanded it to be the same height. 

I debated a lot over whether I wanted the basket of the balloon to be on the "ground" or lifting up. I played with it a bit and eventually decided that it needed to be floating. 

Day 2 - Air Balloon-02.png

The design is simple and to the point, but for me, simplicity is often exactly what I'm looking for!

Day 2 - Air Balloon-03.png